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Tips on Selection of Cakes according to Occasion

Posted by GiftaLove

Surprise is something that is loved by everyone. If you want to do something to please your loved ones on their special day, nothing would be better than throwing a surprise on their way. Whether it’s an anniversary celebration, birthday celebration, achieving milestone celebration or festive celebration like Christmas and New Year, surprise in the form of delicious cake has an ability to enhance the charm of the carnival.  No any celebration is complete without cakes and keeping this in mind, online portals provide the facility to send cake to Delhi, Mumbai and all parts of India as well as overseas. 

Do you ever face a question like what makes the cake a must-have surprise gift for every special occasion? The only answer you will get is because of its celebrative and appetizing qualities. It shows that the person you send and buy it for is really very important for you. Every occasion demands different types of cakes based on shape, color and flavour. Picking the right cake for the right occasion or right person is the key and not an easy task. As, a cake can reflects your feeling and essence of carnival, so, it’s really essential to choose a correct cake that complements the celebration.

Here are few tips on cake’s selection for different occasion as well as individual:

Round Cakes for Birthday 
This shape portrays the cyclic nature of life and perhaps this is the main reason behind round shape of most of the birthday cakes. Round shaped cakes come in variety of flavours, as it’s one of the oldest shapes of cake that maximum people prefer even these days also. For kid birthday party, you can go for round cartoon theme cake and for adults; you can go for round black forest cake. 

Heart-shaped Cake for Love Expression
This type of cake is perfectly suited for couples on valentine day. If you are going to celebrate your wedding anniversary, then heart shaped cake is the perfect choice on can make. According to me, a red velvet heart-shaped cake is perfect for this type of occasion, which is layered in dark red color. You can also go for personalized one with a picture of both of you on it. 

Evergreen Square-shaped Cake
Square shaped cake depicts honesty, so if you honestly love someone, a square shaped cake can do magic. Square shape is evergreen and can be used for every occasion, whether it’s an anniversary or birthday. For this, you can go simple by just plain cake with creamy topping of number of age on it for both anniversary and birthday.

Customized Cake
What you want to convey to an individual can be impressively shown with the help of customized cake. You can customize it by quotes or something very personal like photographs and love signs. It’s totally up to you how you want to please your loved one. This type of cakes can be of any shape and perfect for celebrating career milestone. 

So, with some of these tips, now you might have understood about how to make a perfect choice of cake for every celebration and how to please your loved ones with suitable cakes that suit their personality. To buy and send these luscious gifts online, give a click on GiftaLove.com, an e-gifting portal that offers best quality of cakes online ( https://www.giftalove.com/cakes/ ). Here you also get variety of eggless cakes, so if you are pure vegetarian, you can order and enjoy these cakes. 

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