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20 Best Flower Vase Arrangements for Gifting Your Wife on Valentine

Posted by GiftaLove

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you are probably thinking how to make the day special for her. However, you don’t need to worry about anything if your wife or even your be loves flowers. Here, at Giftalove.com we offer a wide variety of flower vase arrangements that anybody would fall in love with, even the people who are not that fond of flowers.



Valentine's day flower


You can buy flower online( www.giftalove.com/flowers/ ) from your store and have it delivered to where your place or office to surprise here. We offer flower delivery in Mumbai and other cities, and so if she is away in some other cities for professional reason, you can avail our services as well.

Some of the most popular flower vase arrangement of our store is:

Rose Lovers

Most women love roses and here are our bestsellers:

Enticing Surprise

A pretty flower arrangement, this one consists of Asiatic lilies in pink and white carnations along with green fillers, arranged in a glass vase. This means this is a gift that she can keep. The glass vase is simple and once these flowers dry out, replace them with fresh new flowers.

Heart-Shaped Roses For Her

A perfect gift this Valentine’s Day is this heart-shaped bouquet, arranged on a vase. It consists of 50 beautiful red roses arranged in the shape of a heart. Expressing love has not been so more romantic than this.

Pure Delight

Red rose is considered to be the symbol of love and this flower vase arrangement also consists of red roses only. It is a pretty bouquet consisting of 24 beautiful and big red roses tied together with a red ribbon along with few leaves. They are placed inside a transparent glass vase.

Rosy Red

If you are looking for an inexpensive option as you probably want to gift here something along with the flowers, Rosy Red is a good choice. It consists of a bouquet made of 10 red roses placed inside a beautiful tall glass vase. Priced at only Rs. 499, it makes a great birthday and anniversary gift as well.

Ravishing Pink

If your wife isn’t fond of red roses, then Ravishing Pink is something that she would really like. It is a simple and yet elegant-looking bouquet and consists of 18 pink roses. 

Beauty with elegance is another choice you have. It has a tumbler-shaped vase with 18 yellow roses.

Non-Rose Lovers

Many women do not like roses. We have a wide variety of choices for them as well. Here are some of the options you have:

Exotic Expression

Made from orchids, this is a beautiful flower vase arrangement. It consists of many purple orchids along with green-coloured fillers and it looks exotic.

Sweet Carnations

Bright, beautiful, and colourful, this flower vase arrangement is another choice you have. It consists of carnations in different shades like red, yellow, pink, and white. The total number is 24 and they are arranged in a glass vase.

True Modesty

This makes a beautiful home-decorating item. It consists of Asiatic lilies and anthuriums, placed in a round glass vase. The vase contains pebbles and that adds to the beauty of this product.

Giftalove.com offers a wide variety of options, if your choices are different from the above listed gift items. We also have a whole range of personalized gifts and much more.

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Why lady Love And Deserve Flowers?

Posted by GiftaLove

Women are considered close to nature and therefore they deserve something that symbolizes their purity and innocence. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, true, but she also likes simplicity and something that appreciates her as a human being and as a woman.

It is a rare scenario these days to see women being appreciated, unless they are your sister, daughter or girlfriend. In this raging world of oppression against the fair gender, make the women in your lives feel special with a few small gestures of love. Send them flowers- no matter how big or small they are; they will always be appreciated.

Here are few reasons why flowers can be the appropriate gift for women -

They Are Colourful And Vibrant As Women Are: Flowers are the best representation of the feminine mood. They are as vibrant as their many avatars. Sometimes in peace, sometimes in love, sometimes in rage, and sometimes at their effeminate best - show them that you accept them as they are. Appreciate their being for their vibrant personality.

Women Like Waking Up With A Smile: Arrange the flowers by their bedside table and watch them wake up smiling. You would know that you have made their day by the little gestures of appreciation for the flowers.

They Deserve Pampering: Women pamper men in their roles as a mother, sister or wife, without expecting anything in return. A small gesture of sending flowers can tell them what they mean to you. There’s nothing more that they want. After all, the entire day’s work at home and office, without any complains deserves a little applause from you. They do not want anything big or expensive. Just a flower of two can help them get over the tiredness.

However, remember this:

  • Women also appreciate a love note accompanied with the flowers
  • They also like getting surprises on their anniversaries and birthdays
  • They like flaunting flowers sent by you with pride
  • They like getting flowers that they love
  • They might be allergic to it, but they would still appreciate it
  • Flowers are enough to melt their anger
  • They love feeling that they are needed
  • You would be forgiven if you send flowers
  • Flowers are for life and they will remember how you sent them

It doesn’t cost much to gift flowers. If you love the lady in your life and are not able to make it to her birthday or anniversary, it’s ok. Buy online flower( www.giftalove.com/flowers/ )  and send a wonderful flower arrangement across to them with a little love note. That should be enough for them to feel appreciated.

Flower delivery in Delhi is easy with many online floral agencies. Giftalove.com is one of the most popular among online florists with expertise on what women like for various occasion. You can send flowers with their help and avoid disappointing the women in your lives. So hurry up and book a bouquet now, before the special women in your lives start losing their patience with your lack of expression for love and desire.

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Delight Your Girlfriend with Romantic Valentine Gifts

Posted by GiftaLove

Valentine's Day is definitely a day of affection, care and love. Express your adoration for your Girlfriend with the best gifts that you can find. They are accessible readily and is prepared to be conveyed to your beloved’s doorstep. Everybody loves to get a gift on Valentine's Day and sweetheart is not an exception for this. The online gift portal  present to you a limitless Romantic Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend that includes fresh and colorful flowers, gift hampers, chocolates, desserts, delicate toys, heart –shaped gifts such as key ring, Cushion and so on. On the off chance that you examine the online portal, you will discover something definitely reasonable that you can buy online and send it to her doorstep to make her feel special and surprised. 

Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend

At the online stores you have the choice of browsing delightful teddies, heart shape flower bouquet flowers with chocolates, soft toys with flowers, chocolates in heart-shaped designer box, delicate toys and dry fruits. Send Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend( www.giftalove.com/valentine/valentine-gifts-for-girlfriend-584.html ) this year leaving her completely surprised with amazing and romantic gift hampers that she might have even thought of. Chocolates and beauty care products make an uncommon Valentine’s Day Gift and you can likewise send this as a combo pack to her shipping address. 

Colorful flowers are a definitive a wonderful way to express your love and affection to your Girlfriend on Valentine's Day. You can get flowers in various arrangement viz, bouquet bunches, flower vase arrangements, heart-shaped bouquet, and so on. Buy Valentine Day Gifts online today and leave a strong impression of yours in her heart.

  • Flowers are picked by their typical symbol and meaning. 
  • Red roses remain for affection and enthusiasm. 
  • White roses connote peace and security. 
  • Orange roses remain for enthusiasm and energy 
  • Purple roses connote joy and happiness.

Buying flowers over online portals are always a wise advice as you get variety over here and are economical to avail as well. These are flawlessly delivered to your beloved place in a unique and stylish look. Not only this, when you have decided to send Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend online, then you can mix and match gift items and send at her shipping address. Along these lines, it is clear that you can send soft toys, chocolates, Valentine Cakes, any jewellery, or any other gift items that you think is the best for her on this Valentine’s Day and make her feel special. 

In the event that you need to highlight the closeness in your relationship, go for customized gift items. Personalized/Customized Gift items convey personal care and touch for the recipient. Photo frame with picture of both of both of you engraved in it is the best gift items that one can give to his girlfriend. Printed Cushion with heart-shaped designed and a picture of hers is the perfect and ideal gift on this Valentine’s Day.

Worried, as to from where can you get these Romantic Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend? Here is the answer, as Giftalove, your online gifting partner that gives you access to a wide range of gift items that you can choose, buy Valentine Day Gifts and make her feel special this year. Internet has really made life easy and much faster for sending gift anywhere all over the world. Browse online portal as per own convenient time throughout the year and find gift for different occasions, different relations, and all age groups and send it to the places of your choice with safe and secure payment options only at GiftaLove.

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All the Reasons Why a Teddy Bear is a Special Gift

Posted by GiftaLove

The first teddy bear made its appearance in the early 20th century, and ever since then, it has established itself as one of the most popular gifts. Whether you gift it to a child or to your girlfriend on Teddy Day, it makes for a special gift. You would think ‘teddy bears have been overdone’, but no matter how clichéd a gift you think a teddy bear is, it would always hold a special place in people’s hearts. Here’s why!











Permanent Companion

Unless you shred poor teddy to pieces, it will stay your friend for a long time. When all your friends turn your back on you, your teddy bear would be with you to give you the company you need. It might not talk, it might not move, and you might even disregard it sometimes as an inanimate object. However, when the going gets tough, your teddy bear can definitely bring a smile to your face. You can take it around with you wherever you go as well!

Hug When You Want

A cute teddy bear would never complain if you stick to it all the time, unlike humans, who are always clamoring for space and privacy. Hugs are known to release oxytocin, a bonding chemical that instantly makes humans feels happy. So hug your teddy when you want, wherever you want!

Sometimes, they talk as Well

Modern day teddy bears are often loaded with their own voices, which makes them all the more fun! Whenever you miss your loved one, or just want to hear your teddy as it tries to comfort you after a long and tiring day, just activate its voice, and watch it talk its way into your heart.

Looks Cute Even When It’s Worn Out

Yes, like all other things in life, teddies too suffer from the woes of wear and tear. But that doesn’t mean you have to let go of them. Unlike humans, who look ragged and jaded when they are worn out, teddy still manages to retain its charm, and can make you smile, even when it does not look its best.

Better than Chocolates and Roses

When it comes to sending a valentine gift online( http://www.giftalove.com/valentine/ ), many people settle for the same old chocolates and roses. Truth be told, chocolates and roses are really clichéd, and no one really cares for them anymore. Why bore your loved one with gifts that have well and truly been overdone when you can gift a teddy that is cherished and appreciated. And besides, roses decay and chocolates are finished before you know it. But there are no such worries when teddy is by your side.

Reminds You of Your Partner

Your partner might not always be around to show you care and affection, and there may be times when you just cannot go on without your partner. It is in these times that a teddy bear can truly be a reminder of your partner, and how important he is in your life.

With so many reasons to back teddy, why pick anything other than a cute teddy as gifts for Teddy Day?



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Easy to Send Valentine’s Day Gifts to India via Giftalove.com

Posted by GiftaLove

Celebrations and festivities are constant. On the off chance that you are in a mood to party, you can discover motivation to celebrate. Be that as it may, what happens when you are far from your friends, boyfriend, or family especially when you are out of the country? You have to send them significant gifts on Valentines’ Day, Birthday, Anniversary or any other such grand occasions. Gifts are an image of love or the inclination that you miss them a ton. Now, you can send Valentine gifts to India online and bring the smile on his face. 

Maybe you are not authorized for a leave to go to India or then might be you can't discover them profitable gifts that speak to Indian culture in the nation you dwell. So now, would you say you will change your plan to send Valentine gifts to India? No chance. Try not to surrender yourself for this as there are various online portals that give you a brilliant idea for coordinating your desires and ideas. Be patient to choose from the different choices of gifts you have.

Online shopping or web-based shopping is no more unfamiliar for any of us. These days, numerous portals depict the distinctive range of gifts for different occasions and individuals think that it is easier to buy gifts online and get it delivered to the shipping address of the recent, no matter whichever part of the world you are in. Every one of you out there battling abroad as a profession or better budgetary support could never motivate time to reach India on every uncommon event with gifts to invest them. Numerous sites today are prepared to serve you by substantial accumulations of gift items starting from eatables stuff to jewellery, and from showpieces to clothes and so on. 

So this time, if you want to send Valentine gifts for Boyfriend( www.giftalove.com/valentine/valentine-gifts-for-boyfriend-585.html ), you simply sign onto the site and take sufficient time, to choose your most loved gifts that will bring surprise to your adored one. Presently, this buying and shipping are carried out in an efficient manner. Technological advancements have opened an easy method for web shopping. You can send valentine gifts to India in the blink of an eye or might be the time you have recommended or suggested for its delivery. 

Now you do not have to panic on sending gifts on any occasions. There are numerous online gifts’ portals that let you send gifts to India nowadays. You can, without much of a stretch, analyze the costs, carry out a little research for the items to be delivered and place an order. 

Internet shopping for gifts really spares a considerable amount of cash and time of yours. One such trustworthy portal is GiftaLove that has solved these problems for many who can join for Valentine’s Day with their loved one. You don't need to stress over the costly gifts here. Go scan for the one's that suits your financial plan and Send valentine gifts to India online in a hassle-free manner. 

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